I'm Miriam, an illustrator of YA books and a comic artist.

I enjoy creating everyday stories with colorful images, always from an optimistic and friendly point of view.

Drawing helps me to understand my world and connect with others in a way that words can't reach.

Especially in my case, since I am a shy introvert and a person of few words.

Working as a professional illustrator was never among my plans.

Aunque, de alguna manera, mi interés por las historias fue mi constante.

What I really loved was cinema and its unique way of telling stories through images and editing.
I studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication, and I ended up doing an internship in an animation studio. It seemed like the perfect mix between cinema and drawing, my dream job, or so I thought.

For a couple of years I worked in an animation studio collaborating in several projects.
I worked as a junior animator and assistant in Disney's Milo Murphy's Law (2016) and in the adaptation Memoirs Of A Man In Pajamas (2018) by Paco Roca, among other projects.
In 2019 we won the spanish Goya award for best animated short film for Cazatalentos (2018) among other awards, where I participated as background painter.

Although working in traditional animation was a dream for me, I decided to change my path once again, this time towards illustration. A medium that better suited my rhythms and where I knew I could contribute more.

Just before the pandemic, I collaborated illustrating Cosmic Cycles, a self-published tarot with everyday stories intertwined with each other. It is now on its 4th standard edition, a 2nd special edition, and has been translated into French and Chinese.

Thanks to my last project, I rediscovered my passion for storytelling through illustration. And almost naturally, I found myself narrating short personal comics. A medium in which I was able to combine all my knowledge and interests accumulated along the way, and which I hope to continue exploring.

Currently, I combine my work in Cosmic Cycles as a freelance illustrator, with the creation of small comics about emotional management, nostalgia, and personal experiences with a touch of humor.

What will be the next story?

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