Cosmic Cycles Tarot

Cosmic Cycles Tarot

Cosmic Cycles is a story-telling tarot with relatable characters from modern society. Follow Page of Wands as she arrives in this new city where she will meet her new friends and acquaintances.
The 16 court cards are the main characters of this deck and it follows the Rider Waite structure.

The fool is the first card of the Tarot. It's about new beginnings. The excitement of start an adventure. Of course, this drawing had to be dynamic and cheerful. This also meant the beginning of this project that we started working on it with a lot of enthusiasm.

Dos de Copas

For the concept of this card, we wanted to show the start of a relationship, a conection. For this idea, I chose the second sketch. It's a general shot that introduce you in the scene in a more slowly way than the closer shot. From the distance you can see how is starting to happen something subtle and magical.

As de Bastos
La Estrella
El Sol
Seis de Copas (Diseño descartado)

This project was a collaboration with Martina Razo. It was financed with crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2019.

Cosmic Cycles was launched in two editions of 79 illustrated cards, one of them a limited edition, with a guidebook and some merchandising extras, like enamel pins, bags and stickers.

This project was a challenge for us. Because of the amount of work and what the future held for us next.

The impact of the pandemic arrived in 2020 and we had to face a bunch of unexpected problems, like production delays, closed customs, shutdowns of our cities... All that could go wrong, did go wrong.

To maintain the communication with our clients was my priority during that hard moment, so that it wouldn't all fall apart. Until we were able to continue again, we were able to send out the first orders, and finally Cosmic Cycles became possible.

Actualmente, vamos por la tercera edición debido a la buena acogida de la gente.