Take me with you: Calendar

Take me with you: Calendar

The pandemic was not easy for Susana and Livi either. After passing a lot of time inside their houses and cities, they have decided to make a journey together, to remember and left behind.
Follow them along different places around Spain, visiting calm places, far away from high buildings and the noisy cities.

When I designed the two characters I wanted a contrast between them. A contrast of aesthetic and personality, but that they can complement each other well.

Susana wears earth colors, loose shirts and long skirts. She has a dreamy, cheerful and carefree character. She is always dishevelled and a bit distracted. She doesn't like changes.

Livi wears more electric colours and likes nineties fashion. Despite her nostalgic tastes, she always look forward. She is rational and down to earth.

Illustration for June, in Madrigal de la Vera

This illustration involved the complexity of showing two scenes (bottom and top) and different places (inside the water and outside) at the same time. They had to complement and flow into each other, thanks to the composition and the use of colour.

April, in Galicia

Illustration for November and the climax of the story. I based it on the first kiss of the main characters in The Wind Rises (2013)by Miyazaki. It was such a subtle but sweet moment that I wanted it for my characters.

All this was born one day in 2020, while I was looking through the window during the pandemic shutdown of my city.

I was obssesed with one idea like other people inside their houses: "I want to go far away from here".

I started to remember all the places I used to go with my family on holiday, away from the tall buildings, where I could see the horizon and the sky. To be able to see beyond the brick wall that I saw every day and barely let the sun shine through.

Then I started to imagine a simple story of two old friends that reunite after the lockdown and the pandemic for traveling together around my country, going to some of my favourite places.

The result is a storytelling calendar with 12 illustrations showing their journey. Something that seemed like a dream to me at that time.