character development

the process

First, I start by sketching several small ideas to choose the best composition.
From the two ideas, I find the first one easier to read, although the second one may seem more dynamic.

Then, I make a quick design of what the characters would look like before detailing them in the final drawing.

I start the sketch of the chosen idea, taking into account the positions of the spine and back cover.
Actually, the perspective is a bit tricked. The sea line is lower than the horizon line. I wanted the characters to stand out against the background and also to keep a view of the stairs slightly above.

After cleaning the line on the sketch, I start colouring in the shadows. Lately I've been trying watercolour effect brushes for a more traditional and expressive look.

Finally it's time to add colour.
Normally, I decide the colours in the sketch stage. But in this case I was very clear about which colors I wanted to use.